pastillas chinas para adelgazar
pastillas chinas para adelgazar
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pastillas chinas para adelgazar
1 Packs Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming SoftGel

Strong Version, Strong Results herbal weight loss product.

This product adopts many kinds of natural plants that possess the function of slimming and keeping nice figure. These plants, such as nice slimming grass, jobstears, tarragon, psyllium shell, hoof bamboo shoot, lotus and etc, are carefully extracted and purified with modern advanced technology for the product whose function theory is as follows:

1. Restrain the activity of lipase in stomach and intestinal canal to enable the fat in the taken food not to be absorbed by the body. This effect is shown in the form of defecate with fat (oil) nature, which means people could excrete the equal quantity of fat as that has been taken

2. Improve the metabolism and basic metabolism ratio (BMR) of fat, which means to increase the consumption of human body energy. The body fat would be broken up into heat, carbon dioxide and water. This product could not only reduce the redundant fat, but could also supplement many kinds of amino acid and trace element such as copper, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, zinc and selenium. In the mean while, it can activate body cells and make balance over body microcirculation while eliminating the long-term accumulated toxicity elements. Thus it possesses the unique slimming, toxicity-eliminating and fat-adjusting function.

Proportion Of Ingredients:

Extracts from ZiSu 25%
Extracts from oriental water plantain 13%
Extracts from cassia seed 10%
Extracts from Fuling 17%
Medical Amylum 35%


36 capsules per pack (650 mg x 12 pills x 3pcs)
Size: 12.4 X 16.9 cm for one pack


- People with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease;
- People with psychosis or addict of drugs, medicine or alcohol;
- People with hyperthyroidism, insufficiency of liver or kidney;
- People with prostatic hyperplasia or glaucoma;
- Women in pregnancy or lactation;
- People under the age of 18 or above 60;
- People who are consuming prescription drugs.

Usage & Dosage:

1 time/day, 1 capsule/time(before breakfast with 350~500cc water)


Do not exceed 1 capsule per day; do not mix take two different kinds of pills in same day.
This product is not designed for the morbidly obese, children, pregnant, diabetics, and people with heart conditions.

* The responsibility of using this product, like any other dietary supplement, is one who takes it, so if you have any questions, consult your trusted doctor before taking.
Antes que todo queremos agradecer
su interés en nuestros productos.

Por favor realice todas las preguntas que sean necesarias.
Nuestro mayor numero de ventas se hacen fuera de este medio, por eso es necesario consultar la disponibilidad inmediata al momento de su compra.


• Goma guar (cyamoposis)
• Hoja de loto
• Gardenia
• Atracylon
• Plátano oriental de agua
• Semillas de Cassia
• Raíz de Kutzu
• Rhizoma Alismatis.

El consumo de este tratamiento es responsabilidad de quien lo consume.
Si tienes alguna duda, consulta a tu medico antes de tomarlo.
Verifica siempre la autenticidad de los productos,
Cuida tu salud y tu cuerpo.

? Mujeres embarazadas o en periodo de lactancia.
? Menores de 18 años ni mayores de 60 años.
? Personas con presión arterial alta, arteriosclerosis, desordenes
cardio-vasculares y otras enfermedades crónicas.
? Personas con problemas al hígado o riñones.
? Personas que se encuentren consumiendo medicamentos
de prescripción medica.
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